Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What Do You Do When You Can't Afford An Expensive Ham Radio To Transmit On ?

  We all run into this dilemma at some point in our Ham Radio Hobbies. Yes you could apply for a big credit card and then make payments forever. I personally do not recommend this, because I have been down that road. I bought my kenwood ts2000 and put in on my credit card. Well I injured my back and was out of work for almost 6 months. My job would not let me come back until I was alomost 100% better. To make a long story short, we ended up in bankruptcy and it stayed with us for about 10 years. 

 So then the question is what are you going to do. Well if you just have your technician license, you could go with an inexpensive handheld 2 meter transmitter by baofeng or one of the other low cost handheld ham radios. Hey they may be cheap, but they will get you on the air. The other choice is to go on Ebay and search for the best deal on a used low cost handheld ham radio. You may see prices anywhere from $250 and higher. You can find deals on the baofeng handhelds on Amazon as well as Ebay.

 Now if it is a base Ham Radio Transmitter you want, Then it's Ebay in the used category. There are some pretty good deals on Uhf, Vhf and Hf Transceivers. You should thoroughly check out the seller before putting any money down. There are lots of scammers out there on the internet. As far as prices go, they vary all over the place. So check them out today and have some fun. 

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Ham Radio Is The Best Hobby In The World


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 If you are looking for a good hobby and want to make friends around the world. I suggest you look into the Ham Radio Hobby. There are many different ways to go in the hobby and things to do. You need to get your Technician License first, then your General Ham Radio License and if you want to go further, the Extra License. You can buy the equipment from local dealers on the internet, but you can also check out Amazon and Ebay for some pretty good deals. Visit My Affiliate Website Today and GIVE IT A LIKE ! 
Ham Radio - A Fascinating Hobby
By David Thorson  |  Submitted On September 13, 2010
 Ham Radio is a fascinating hobby. Since licensing was first issued, many millions of radio licenses have been issued. With the rapid development in radio and electronics in recent years, equipment has become cheaper, smaller and technically better. The hobby of amateur radio is still going strong with many new recruits joining the ranks every year.
 Becoming a radio ham is one of the most exciting, high-tec, educational and useful hobbies you could find. It includes many different groups of people around the world ie. pilots, sailors, doctors, scientists, students, astronauts, even celebrities. First Lady Betty Ford was a CB enthusiast with the handle 'First Mama.' You just never know who you could be speaking to next.
 Ham Radio is a licensed radio service. Operators take an exam to get their operating license and most importantly their call signs. The most wonderful thing about it is that no matter your age, color, creed, gender, or physical ability, all are welcomed into the fold with open arms.
Once you have your license you can use your radio station to make to make contact with the world without worrying about additional charges.  You can  make contact via satellites, use your computer for wireless connectivity, bounce signals off the moon for contacts, use small handheld radios for local communications, even contact the space shuttle astronauts and provide communications for public services.
 Radio amateurs have a lot of  fun, but there is a serious side to this hobby too. Amateur Radio Associations was founded to provide ordinary people with the means to intensify their operating skills, especially in times of real emergency. In disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, accidents and search and rescue ham radio is often the only means of communication when telephone lines are down, cellphone masts lack power, and local radio and TV stations are off the air. It is the stalwarts of ham radio that everyone has come to rely on and they NEVER disappoint.
 Take Paul Mason, an Australian who in 1942 made a key contribution the defeat of the Japanese army at the battle of Guadalcanal in the South Pacific. He was the manager of a plantation on the Solomon Islands and being a radio ham was recruited to be a civilian 'coast-watch' by Australian intelligence. He set up his radio - which was very bulky in those days -on a high ridge in the south of the island. The Japanese planes had to pass overhead, in fact it is said he sent the most important message ever sent by a radio ham. The US had landed on Guadalcanal and were disembarking when 24 heavily laden bombers passed overhead Paul who sent
 'From STO - Twenty Four bombers headed yours',
 this gave the US 2 hours grace to get their planes in the air and they destroyed all but one of the enemy bombers. but the enemy knew he was somewhere on the island and even though he was hounded he continued to send messages, moving heavy fragile equipment on a constant basis and eventually was told to go to the north of the island where he would be picked up by submarine. 
 He was awarded the DFCby General MacArthur for 'his contribution to the war effort'.
 Acquiring your license is not difficult and there are study manuals for the 30 question test which you can buy from Radio Shack. It need not be expensive to set up your ham radio or does it have to take up a lot of room. If you are interested and would like advice on anything, the authority on Ham Radio is American Radio Relay League.

If you are interested in ham radio a good choice might be a 10 Meter Radio [http://www.thorscbradio.com/10-meter-radio.html]. You can find a 10 Meter Radio [http://www.thorscbradio.com/10-meter-radio.html] at our website ThorsCBradio.com
Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/David_Thorson/682468

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Social occasion Overshadowing Information Through Ham Radio


A sun based obscuration is coming up in only a couple weeks, and in spite of the fact that with its way of entirety close to the southern tip of South America implies that relatively few individuals will have the option to see it direct, there is an occasion to engage with it even at an outrageous distance. PhD applicant [Kristina] and the association HamSCI are attempting to gain proficiency with somewhat more about the impacts of an overshadowing on radio interchanges, and everything necessary to help is a collector fit for tuning in the 10 MHz range during the hour of the obscuration.

It's notable that specific radio waves can engender further contingent upon the hour of day because of changes in numerous elements, for example, the condition of the ionosphere and the measure of sunlight based movement. What isn't known is explicitly how the ways can change throughout the span of the day. During the obscuration the sun's obstruction is limited, and its effect can be all the more straightforwardly estimated in a more controlled test. By tuning into specific time stations and recording information during the overshadowing, it's conceivable to perceive how precisely the obscuration impacts proliferation of these signs. [Kristina] would like to take the entirety of the information assembled during the occasion to notice the doppler impact that is required to happen.

The undertaking requires a lot of volunteers to tune in to the time stations during the overshadowing (regardless of whether it isn't obvious to them) and there are a couple of more days before this obscuration occurs. On the off chance that you have the necessary equipment, which is basically a collector equipped for getting upper-sideband signals in 10 MHz range, it could be beneficial to try this out. If not, there might be some an ideal opportunity to cobble together a SDR that can tune in (even a RTL-SDR set up for 10 MHz will work) if you can utilize it to record the necessary examples. It's very a period that ham radio could grasp the programmer network.