Saturday, March 24, 2018

How To Get Your Ham Radio License

Icom Ham Radio
 It's getting to be nice weather and many of us will be traveling on our summer vacations. It's always nice to have a CB Radio in your vehicle, but if you want to transmit further you should have a Ham Radio. If you like the idea of the ham radio, you will need your ham radio license. There are 3 ham radio licenses you will need depending on what bands and power you may want to use. Here are the 3 licenses below in the order you must take them.
  1.  Technician License
  2. General License
  3. Extra License
 Now remember they can only be taken in the order above. You will need to do some studying before you go to take them. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. Of course if your a genius you won't have to study, but I would not bank on that. There are many different websites on the internet that may provide study questions and answers, flash cards or programs to take the tests and they will keep tract of how well you are doing. Remember some are free and some are not.
 My advise is to purchase the ARRL Study Manuals and learn about Ham Radio. I know some individuals like to just memorize the questions and answers. The problem is when you need to answer someone or do something you will most likely get stuck. So it is best to do the studying and learn the subject. Who knows who you may help in the future with their path into the Ham Radio Hobby.
 There are plenty of other excellent Ham Radio Study Books that are really good. One of the popular set of books are by Gordon West. These books have some excellent study material and have a unique way of getting someone to learn as well as remember the material. I have some of these that I bought way back in the day from radio shack, but today's would be much more up to date. Yes there are other books that provide tons of excellent information for studying.
 The final place where I have seen some excellent information are on youtube videos. Some of them give you clues as to the questions that point to answers. There are other youtube videos that have some awesome information with good study information about all the various subjects you will need to know. So start studying today and have fun in the Ham Radio Hobby.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Got A Nice Ham Radio In Mind For DX Contesting

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 Every once in awhile I hear various dx contests going on around the Ham Bands. I always wonder what Ham Radio are they using for DX Contesting. I myself am running a Kenwood TS-2000, but really don't get into the dx contesting at this time. I just seem to have too many things going on in my life right now. Maybe in the next 5 or 8 years when I retire I will have a few spare moments and then again maybe not.
 Well I did some browsing around the internet and looked at some nice big ham radios that would fit the bill for dx contesting. I see the Icom Ham Radios and the Yaesu Ham Radios seem to be the best. Now I do believe that many Ham Radios would work as long as you have a nice Ham Antenna and are running enough power with a good amplifier. So my advise is spend what you can in your budget and let your voice be heard.
 Just remember to have your Ham Radio station running properly with a good antenna tuner and a good swr meter. There is no sense burning up your expensive ham radio and have it being repaired, which costs you money as well as loses you time transmitting on the ham bands. I can't count the times I have heard ham radio operators sounding like their nose is pinched or just plain breaking up. Oh yeah I am running 1500 watts and then poof they are gone.
 Looking around I like the Icom 7610, which gets really good reviews. I also like the yaesu ham radios. The Yaesu 991A Ham Radio seems like it may work for doing some dx contesting. It may not be the power house ham radio, but will get you by.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Calling All Hams Christmas Is Coming Closer

 Now is the time for all of us Ham Radio Operators to start thinking about what we want to add to our ham shacks. I know I have been searching the internet and looking at what fits into my budget this year. If you can add one of those Big Boy Ham Radios I say go for it. If you have a smaller budget, then look for a nice Baofeng Hand Held Ham Radio, because they are low in cost and do a good job for the money.

 Yes I know that most hand held ham radios are usually in the 2 meter band, but why let that stop you from making a long distance contact. I have seen some hams build a quad antenna for 2 meter radio and hit some long distance repeaters. So if they can do it, so can you. There are also some Low Cost Mobile 2 Meter Ham Radios that are not too expensive. All you have to do is add a power supply, base antenna, swr meter and off you go.

 Now if you are going to try and homebrew a ham antenna, I would invest in a Good Antenna Analyzer. There are a few good brands out there today and MFJ is doing a good job with them. If you have a little bit more change in your pocket, then I would look into one of the Ham Radios by Icom and Yaesu. They have a few ham radios that will not break the bank and they cover the high frequencies.

 All in all there plenty of excellent types of Ham Radio Equipment to choose from to put in your Ham Shack this Christmas. So get out there and start filling out your list for Santa and fill up your stocking.


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