Sunday, October 23, 2016

Time Is Running Out To Build Those Homebrew Ham Antennas

 Yes time is running out for building those homebrew ham antennas we all love to build. I was outside today with my daughter at the park while she was taking pictures of the awesome fall colors and it was darn cold when that wind would blow. So take advantage of the few warm days we may get unless you live in one of those nice warm places with nice beaches. Sorry I was just day dreaming. Just make sure to stay safe and be aware of any power lines over head.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Got That Antenna Project Built Yet

 The cold weather is coming and it will be time to stay inside where it's warm and keep those signals going. In other words Transmit Transmit and Transmit some more. Need a simple yet very well performing antenna ? Build a Moxon Ham Antenna. They are easily built out of pvc pipe for smaller arrays. If you want something a little larger try using crappie fiberglass fishing poles. They are fairly cheap and will last a good time.
 Just remember to watch out for power lines and keep the antenna up and away from everyone.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

5 Excellent SWR Antenna Tuners

 So do you have a preference when it comes to swr antenna tuners. I have used both the manual and automatic swr antenna tuners. Both of mine were made by mfj and they both do a good job. I did find that what hams were saying at was actually true. The manual antenna tuner was hard on the fingers when adjusting. I also made a template so it was easy to tune my favorite frequencies. Now with the mfj 993b automatic antenna tuner I had the famous bad on off switch problem. After replacing it a number of times with a switch from mfj at no charge I finally installed a toggle switch and have not had a problem since. It does require taking the tuner apart and using a ohm meter to figure out what traces were shorted together. Also drilling a small hole in the lower right corner of the front case for the toggle switch.
 Now my second choice or I would put it first if I could afford it would be a swr antenna tuner by palstar. I have looked at them in catalogs and on the internet and I do like them. They seem to be built very well and as most say like a tank. The next swr antenna tuner that I like are made by LDG and are pretty much all automatic. The only issue I have ever heard of is that they tend to be noisy when tuning, but that does not last long. If you are looking for something used or new check out Ebay for good deals.
 My final and fifth choice would be the swr antenna tuner made by Ameritron. Ameritron had been around for awhile and makes some nice amplifiers. I have only seen the one tuner and it is a manual antenna tuner and does handle full legal limit for power. It does have bigger knobs so it should not be too hard on the fingers. I have found that they do get some decent reviews and are worth the money.

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