Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Keeping An Eye On Emergency Situations and Weather

  One of my favorite things to do is monitor the various local police, fire and other local municipalities. I do have my bearcat scanner for listening on and it does a good job. If you don't have a scanner you can use your computer to do the same thing. There are plenty of websites where you can monitor all kinds of government frequencies. There are also plenty of websites that will provide live radar weather. Here is a list below of some of my favorite websites.
  What I do is have a second computer to do the listening on. It does not have to be a super expensive computer. I would use windows 7 or maybe even a Linux distribution such as Linux Mint. The computer can be a desktop or a laptop. For awhile I was just using an old laptop computer. I also use this second computer to keep an eye on the weather radar. That way I can track any storms coming my way.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Get Your Summer Ham Radio Antenna Projects Going

Portable Ham Radio Station On A Bicycle

  Yes summer is almost here and the warm weather means it's time to get back to working on those Ham Radio Antenna Projects going. I know I am thinking about the 6 meter quad, 17 meter moxon and my scanner antenna project. In fact I am waiting for a 38 foot push up mast so I can raise and lower some light weight projects in the making. I can mount some heavier duty antennas on my metal push up mast. Of course now that I have a pick up truck maybe when I have some extra money I could find a good used tower. That is just in the future for now. Remember there are plenty of designs you can do with crappie fishing poles. The other idea is to use the grey pvc electrical conduit pipe and wire in some way. The ideas and designs are all up to you. I would invest in a swr analyzer when performing tests and adjustments so you don't interfere with anyone. Try searching through the amazon store below the posts and have fun. If you come up with any other ideas share them and leave a comment.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Is Here And Summer Is Around The Corner...It's Time For A Ham Fest

 Check your local areas for any up coming Ham Fests. I know in my area RaRa Rochester Amateur Radio Association Ham Fest is almost here. You just need to check where it is going to be. For example here in Rochester NY it was at the Dome Arena, then it was in Greece NY at the Barnard Fire Exemps and then the following year it was at RIT Rochester Institute Of Technology. In fact here is a link to their webpage . It looks like it is at the Barnard Fireman's Field again. So if you are in the Rochester NY area June 6th stop by and check out some good deals. I my self loved it when it was at the Dome Arena and RIT because they were close and there was alot of room. So once again check out your local area for the Ham Fest going on in your area.
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