Friday, October 17, 2014

Looking For Some Ham Radio Videos To Watch Or Learn From On The Internet

  While at work testing and repairing computers I found Ham Nation on Twit. I needed a video to test with and listened to Twit Ham Nation. I was not only doing my computer repair job, but also learning things about my favorite hobby Ham Radio. So if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert I am sure you will find some useful information listening to their videos. You can watch them on youtube. Just type in Ham Nation and you will find the current up to date video or one from the past. Either way they are worth listening to. Here are a few examples below so just check them out.



  One of the things I like about listening to the show is learning about various types of equipment used in the Ham Radio Hobby. I also learned some information about the products from MFJ. I know some individuals do not like MFJ from various reviews I have read. I myself own some of their equipment like my MFJ Antenna Tuners and my Cross Needle SWR meter. They all seem to work very well for the cost. Yes I did have the dreaded power switch problem, but did rectify it by installing a toggle switch which is holding up just fine. I do have an earlier post on the subject.


  You will also be able to learn from the best like Bob Heil and Gordon West. The subjects they cover for example like building a dipole antenna will be extremely helpful. There is even some information in one of the videos on the Last Man Standing television show starring Tim Allen. Once again the information just keeps going on and on.


  Well That's all for now so Thank You for reading. I hope you enjoy the videos and go to youtube and look them. Once again Thank You from Dan KC2YTI  73s.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Not Make A Dipole Or Beam Antenna Out Of Hamsticks

  In my search to look for some kind of antenna that would have the turning capability to null out the noise, have some gain and not take up too much room I came across some information on using Hamsticks in a dipole configuration. I have seen some  Ham Radio Operators take Hamstick Antennas for various frequencies and make a dipole antenna out of them. I like the idea due to the fact that they do not take up a lot of room. They also seem to break down pretty easy. This would be very helpful if I were camping, so I could make a fast set up and get some decent responses from it.  From what I have read they seem to work pretty good. I have also seen some where they use four or more to design a two element to four element beam antenna. There are different brands besides hamsticks by Lakeview Company. There are also antennas like these made by Jetstream and MFJ. These would only be fore the Ham Radio Frequencies.  I would definitely suggest to use a fiberglass mobile antenna for this kind of dipole or beam antenna. All of the mobile antennas have different ways of tuning the antenna. If a desired swr reading is not obtained, I would try using an antenna tuner. The lower cost brands seem to be MFJ or Vectronics. There are many different dealers or resellers on the internet. If you looking into that choice I would check on . I have used them many times and saved myself lots of headaches.