Saturday, February 6, 2016

J-Pole Antenna For Any Ham Band

 Are you trying to think of a simple ham antenna to build ? Why not try out a simple J Pole Antenna. You can design it for many different bands. In fact here is an excellent website with all kinds of information and a calculator. Here is a link to that website . There are plenty of other websites on the internet where you can find helpful information. Just remember as you go higher in frequency the bigger the antenna will get. So the size going from 6 meters to 40 meters will be bigger in size and a little more expensive to build.

  Generally you can build the J-Pole Antenna out of copper tubing. It is easily attainable at your local hardware store. My advise is to go to lowes or home depot. I would make sure you have a good soldering iron or a small butane torch, because you will be doing some sweat soldering, which is different from soldering a component on a motherboard. You can always build the J-Pole Antenna out of Aluminum Tubing, which you can buy from dx engineering or off of
 If you are looking for good videos I would just do a search on youtube for J-Pole Antennas and you will find all kinds of videos that will give a better picture of what the antenna is like, how it functions and how to build one. It is a fairly easy antenna to build and may give some good results. I would indefinably suggest checking out this website at for some excellent information on J-Pole Antennas.

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