Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hex Beam

 I don't have a big back yard to work with, so I am always looking for a small beam antenna that does a good job. Yes I have thought about a two element yagi antenna or one made by TGM Communications. One of the antennas I have thought about is a Hex Beam Antenna. Everything I have read in reviews at as well as other websites has been good. I am thinking about building one my self using crappie fishing poles and a heavy duty cutting board as the center support with some other ideas. Well it's still in the thought process for me. I did come across some videos on you tube so I thought I would share them.




  If you are looking for a visual comparison and a signal comparison check out this link at youtube . There are many other videos out there that you can watch to give information and ideas, so you may change something. Here is a link to some good deals on various beam antennas VHF, UHF and HF Beam Antennas .

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Is Almost Over

 Yes Summer is almost over and it's August 12th. It may have been just to hot to be out in the sun working on your antenna projects. I know for myself it's pretty much been that way. Then once the sun starts to go down the mosquitoes and and other nasty bugs come out to play. So right now I am looking forward to September when it may be a little cooler and easier to work on my antenna projects. It just sometimes gets really tough when I am at work all day working on computers, then I come home and I am just tired. I get on the computer and work on my blogs and listen to my Ham Radio. In fact right now I am listening to 14.300mhz on the 20 meter band. It must be what happens when you get older Hi Hi.
 Maybe you can spend the time looking at various types of Ham Radios and Ham Radio Equipment for your Ham Shack. Maybe you can be getting your Christmas ideas for your Ham Shack. Why not get ahead of the game and be like all the stores that have their Halloween Stuff out already. You might also spend some time searching the internet for a new ham radio project. Another idea is looking for any information on new ham radios. Go to at and see what fellow hams are are saying about various equipment.
 You can also sit in the Ham Shack, enjoy the cooler nights and do some Rag Chewing with friends.
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