Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What homebrew antenna should I build ?

  I have been trying to decide on what antenna to build. The moxon antenna would fit my area if I keep it for 17 meters or 6 meters. From the different things I have read they do a pretty good job. On the other hand I like the idea of a cubical quad antenna for those same bands. The quad antenna is supposed to somewhat like a three element yagi. The moxon antenna is supposed to be essentially a two element wire beam antenna.
  I have pretty much decided to build a 17 meter moxon with some crappie fiberglass fishing poles. Now for the cubical quad antenna, I am thinking about trying to make it a multiband antenna. It would cover the 6 meter band and the 2 meter band. Both of these designs seem to fit the present location.
  I will have to move my 11 meter imax 2000 vertical to a different area, so I can work with these in that area. It will be a mast wall mounted to my shed. The cubical quad will be made of some grey conduit pvc pipe and some five foot driveway markers. I have found that it takes alot of planning to accomplish this task, but I feel it will be well worth it.
  I will try to get some pics of these when I get them built. If anyone out there has any other ideas please leave a comment. Any and all advise is welcomed.   

Sunday, August 25, 2013

To buy an antenna or build one

 Yes I am one of those Ham Radio people that do not have alot of space to put up a large tower and a big gun beam antenna. I have been an Electronic Technician since 1984 and like the design aspect. At the present time I have a G5RV Juinor up and I am quite suprised as to what I can hear all over the world.
  I have researched different methods of building antennas with local materials such as grey pvc conduit that is uv ray protected. There are ways to make moxon antennas with the pvc and some wire. You can also make quad antennas or even a vertical antenna. There are numerous web sites and you tube videos that are very informative.
 I think for now I will keep planning on which antenna to build and what bands to cover. Maybe one of these days we will move to a house with some acreage to fit the antennas.
  As for now I generally go around my yard and inspect the area for problems. The first and most important is the safety factor. Look up and make sure there are no power lines in close proximity to your antenna. I have read many times about someone who was killed by their antenna coming in contact with the power lines. There is nothing worse in this world then losing a loved one. There is no sense in becoming a silent key too soon.
  Also look at the surrounding objects such as metal ones or trees. They may have a direct effect on the swr reading. There is no sense in burning up an expensive radio.  I also look at where I can anchor my antenna. In other words will it be cemented into the ground or wall mounted. Also remember with a ground mounted omnidirectional antenna  you will need the space for ground radials.
  For my final thoughts at this time my advise is experiment and enjoy the hobby.

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