Sunday, May 22, 2016

Finding The Right SWR Power Meter

 I remember when I was trying to decide on what swr power meter I wanted in my ham shack. It was a tough choice, because I have always liked the single needle type of meter. Well for my Ham Shack I did not see too many types I was interested in. What I did was check out all my ham radio catalogs and looked into what interested me. I then went on youtube and looked for as many videos as I could fined. My third step was to go to and look at all the reviews on the various swr power meters. Today I would add a fourth step and that would be to check out and read the reviews on whatever swr power meter your interested in. So here are the four steps below.
  1. Check The Ham Radio Catalogs
  2. Check Youtube for videos on various swr power meters
  3. Check for Reviews Good and Bad
  4. Check Amazon for Reviews on what ever swr power meter you like
 So today you will find the Cross Needle, Single Needle and LCD Display style. There are some that have triple, dual meters and a combination of cross needle as well as a lcd readout. The other styles are smaller swr power meters for mobile use, medium size for your ham shack and then the very large swr power. My MFJ Cross Needle is one of the very large meters and it does a good job. I do also like the MFJ Extremely Large Single Needle Power Swr Meters. When buying a swr power meter make sure of the accuracy. You always want to make sure you are getting a good reading. There is no sense in damaging you expensive ham radio.

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