Saturday, August 2, 2014

Buying Ham Radio Equipment Online Remember To Protect Yourself

  I have heard of a few different people buying something from places such as ebay only to either never to receive an item or just get a dead boat anchor. My advise is to always check the seller for their rating and any reviews good or bad. I had a friend who bid on something and then he was contacted by the seller telling him the shipping much higher than what was quoted in the auction on ebay. This almost reminded me of an illegal practice used by resellers known as bait and switch. In other words the seller gets your attention by a good price and he reels you right in. The next thing you know the resellers price has all of the sudden gone up. So my advise once again as buyers, protect yourself.  The same advise goes even if you are buying something new from amazon. I have even seen some computer repair services use the same shifty tactics.

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