Sunday, September 20, 2015

Before The Internet There Was Amateur Radio

 Yes it's true before the internet was around we had Amateur Radio. We also had the 11 Meter CB Radio Band. The nice thing about Ham Radio is that you never had a virus and you could not get a virus over the radio from a friend. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with communicating with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or whatever social network you prefer. There are even Ham Radio Operators using the internet with their Ham Radios. It sure is an awesome world we live in when everyone works together.
 Now there are occasions when Ham Radio does have it's bad points. Really the only one I can think of is the occasional nasty angry Ham Radio causing what we used to call Hate and Discontent on the old cb radio frequencies. In fact I remember hitting a frequency in the 20 meter band one night and I thought I was back on the cb radio with a late night argument. It was typical where someone could not hear someone else due to some interference. Rather than take your conversation to a frequency further away they chose to make noises and say some very rude comments. Fortunately it was taken care of by the FCC and I have not heard that again.
 Oh yes the only other problems that can occur with ham radio is with your better half. Two things come to mind. How much is that going to cost and you can't put that ugly antenna there, Hi Hi . I do have to say there are some excellent things that do come from Ham Radio. First we have the helping out in Emergency Situations, which is extremely important. Second we have the bringing of people together from all around the world. Now I am not against computers for any communication, in fact I repair computers all day long. So either way whether it's communicating on the Ham Radio or the Internet it's all good.
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