Saturday, July 2, 2016


 First of all I just wanted to say happy 4th of July to all my Ham Friends and to all my readers.
Okay so what has everybody been doing ? Have you started your summer antenna building projects. Maybe you are looking forward to going to the local hamfest in your area. I know around this time is when I got my General License in 2010. So maybe you are studying for your next license.
 Well whatever you are doing I hope you are enjoying hamming it up and keep dxing. You know if you have time on your hands and want something to do, why not start a blog with blogger, weebly or . They are all free and you can create some interesting websites. Yes you can share what you know and who knows it may just help someone out.
 Well have a happy 4th of july and stay safe. 73s from Dan KC2YTI

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