Sunday, July 19, 2015

Looking For Your Electronics Hardware For Your Ham Shack

Fill Up Your Ham Shack Today, There Is Always Room For More.
  I think as Ham Radio Operators were always thinking about what we can add to our Ham Shacks. It may be a nice new Ham Radio, Used Ham Radio, SWR Meter, SWR Analyzer, Antenna Tuner, Amplifier, Various Tools, Microphones or anything that catches our eye. It just seems as though the list goes on and on. I know for me I love looking through catalogs and various internet websites for Ham Radio Equipment. I generally make a list of what I am looking for and then try to fit it into my budget. In fact lately I have been pondering on a few switches for my Ham Antenna and other Radio Equipment. I do have a Ameritron 5 position switch that works really well. I want something so I can easily disconnect my antennas as the bad weather comes through. Right now I open the window and disconnect the coax cable. It's a nice set up, but I want to make it easier.
 If you are into the repairing of electronic equipment, then you may be looking for a Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Bench Meter, Soldering Station for through hole and for surface mount components as well as other repair types of equipment. You do have a few choices when it comes to buying any type of equipment. What I am talking about is either the new or used path for Ham Radio Equipment or Electronic Repair Equipment. You may find some good deals at your local flea market or through estate sales or garage sales. My advise is to go through Amazon for New Equipment or Ebay for New or Used Ham Radio or Electronic Equipment. Always check out the seller before purchasing.
 It is summer time and now is a good time for going to garage sales or estate sales.

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