Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ham Radio License

Get That Ham Radio License So You Can Talk Around The World
   Today in Ham Radio you are going to need a Ham Radio License to be able to transmit on a given frequency. There are 3 licenses that anyone can achieve. There isn't any cost to getting the license. Well I should say the only cost is your time. Now you can go to various websites and keep answering the questions until you have them memorized. The only issue with this is that you really have not learned anything. You have only just memorized the answers to the questions. Now if your goal is to just get the license to be able to use a Ham Radio, then that is your choice and I do not judge you for it. I would suggest that you buy a book on Ham Radio and start reading. I would bet you become very interested and want to learn more.
The Three Main Ham Radio Licenses are:

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