Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Is Only A Few Weeks Away

  Christmas is only a few weeks away and that Ham Radio Equipment is waiting just for you. Some of the pieces of Ham Radio Equipment I would recommend of course is a good Base or Mobile Radio. There are plenty of awesome radios depending on your budget. The popular brands are yaesu, icom and kenwood. Remember you don't always have to go with a new Ham Radio. There are plenty of used Ham Radios to choose from. If you are looking that way I would recommend to use Ebay. There is an abundance of really good Ham Radios and Ham Radio Equipment to choose from. The other place online is through and there are some excellent deals. If you do not want to go that way I would check out the ham radio dealers like Ham Radio Outlet, Universal Radio and DX Engineering.
  The other Ham Radio I would put on tour list is either a good SWR Antenna Analyzer especially if you are going to build an antenna like a yagi or moxon antenna. Also don't forget about a good Antenna Tuner and a good SWR Meter to go with it. There some SWR Meters that are more expensive than others. MFJ does make some nice meters for the price. If a meter is not on your list then how about a nice microphone.
  Some other items I would get on your list is a nice Ham Radio Amplifier. Once again amplifiers can be bought new through and you can also find used amplifiers. Yes you can also go through Ebay for used and new Ham Radio Amplifiers. But don't forget about that power supply for your Ham Radio Shack. This is another item where you have got a lot to choose from. My best advise is to find a model and check out for tons of information and reviews. That goes for whatever piece of Ham radio Equipment you are looking for.
  Just remember there are many more items to choose from for your Ham Radio Shack.
  Thank You for reading and Merry Christmas.

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