Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ham Radio Books For Studying And Learning

  One of the best books I ever bought was the 1986 ARRL Handbook. I bought that way back in 80s when I was in college in Electrical Engineering. Back then I was not in Ham Radio, I was using it for Electronics in college. I was always looking at all the information on Ham radio and thinking about going for my license. Well I was young, married and had my first daughter. I was so busy with everything I just never got to it. I finally got my Technician License and then my General License in June of 2010. So as you can see I have not been a Ham all that long. I am always learning something new or thinking or building some kind of antenna.
  So if you are looking for good books on Ham Radio, Studying for your License, Building Antennas or whatever you are doing look into one of the ARRL Handbooks. If you are studying for one of your Ham Radio Licenses I would definitely recommend one of the books by Gordon West. I had bought some through Radio Shack years ago and I still have them. I do like the newer books by Gordon West, because they are easy to read and learn from. I intend on buying one to use to study for my Extra License pretty soon.

  There are plenty of other books available through Amazon, Ebay or from one of the local Ham Radio Dealers on the internet. Some of my favorites are Universal Radio, DX Engineering, Ham Radio Outlet and AES Electronics. Of course there are other very good Ham Radio Dealers out there as well to choose from. You can also find good books on building Ham Radio Antennas if that is what you like to do. I would also suggest books on shortwave radio as well. The list of books just goes on and on. If you find a book I would look at the reviews on it and then decide if you want to buy it.
  If you are looking for a book or license manual check out the stores below the posts.
  Thank You for reading and Happy Holidays from Dan KC2YTI 73s.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Solar Storms Are Still Affecting Transmissions and Propagation

  I was checking over facebook and noticed that they are expecting another big solar storm from the sun. I have noticed that it is affecting other fellow Ham Radio Operators when they are transmitting and receiving signals. I always here someone say how they can hear another Ham Radio Operator that they usually can't hear. The only problem with this solar storm is that they are saying it may knock out power in certain areas. If you are looking for a website on solar activity here are a few links http://www.solarham.net/ and http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/ . Of course there are plenty of other websites out there with information on Ham Radio and these types of events. Here is a link to one of those websites http://www.radio-electronics.com/info/propagation/ionospheric/solar-flares.php .

                                        20110607_193304_combo_small.mov                                                                           by SDO | Solar Dynamics Observatory

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