Saturday, December 10, 2016

1 important item for the Ham Shack

 One of the most important items for the Ham Shack is a bench to place all your Ham Radio Equipment on. I built my ham radio bench out of wood from an old book case I built quite a few years ago. I bought some 2x4s for the base and some 1/2 inch plywood. Then I took the book case and made kind of a hutch on top of it. I put some adjustable shelves and some shelves that don't move. It is basically made so the hutch could be removed if I ever have to move it.
 There are all kinds of industrial benches that you can buy. I would also suggest going around to garage sales and look for old desks or anything that may work. Now if you are the handy type you could get some wooden project plans and build your own Ham Radio Bench. It really comes down to your own preference and budget. Either way the object is to make it sturdy and have fun with it.
 Here are some ideas below with benches and more.

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