Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christmas Is Coming So Whats On Your List For Ham Radio Equipment

  To all my Ham Radio friends out there do you have anything special your thinking of for Christmas this year. There are all kinds of Ham Radio Equipment to choose from. I might make a few suggestions for some awesome gift ideas. For example there are some nice wire dipole antennas out there. If you do not want to purchase one why not buy the supplies and build your own for whatever frequencies you may want to transmit on.
  If you are looking for a Ham Radio Transceiver , why not look at some of the portable base ham radio transceivers. Generally you will find Icom, Yeasu and Kenwood make some nice portable base  ham radio transceivers. The nice idea is if you are traveling you can run this type of Ham Radio Transceiver easily from you mobile home. They are big enough and have all the features you will need. Some are also waterproof, so if you are using it in the field it will not be destroyed. Generally they are not as expensive as one of the big contesting Ham Radio Transceivers.
  I did checkout and the reviews are very good for this type of Ham radio. One of the first in this group is the Icom IC-7200. My second choice is the Yaesu FT-450D and my third choice is the Kenwood TS-480HX . All three are in the portable base transceiver class. Check out the picture link below for more information.

ICOM IC-7200

  • The latest IF DSP technology is employed in the IC-7200. While the IC-7200 is an entry-class transceiver, advanced digital features are comparable to higher class transceivers.
  • Waterproof protection technologies that are used in Icom's marine radios are applied to the buttons and knobs on the front panel to provide a measure of protection against water intrusion. *IC-7200 is not waterproof.
  • AGC loop management Distortion and blocking from strong nearby signals are prevented by placing DSP functions inside the AGC loop. The AGC time constants are selectable from fast, slow and off for each operating mode.
  • Digital IF filter Optional filters will never be required for the IC-7200. The built-in digital filter allows you to flexibly select the filter width and shape from soft and sharp* and provides cutting-edge filter characteristics. *Filter shape is selectable for SSB and CW modes only.
  • Manual notch filter The manual notch filter delivers more than 70dB of attenuation. Strong interring tones will be eliminated without adversely affecting the AGC loop performance. ON the bottom right of the front panel, a dedicated control knob adjusts the notch filter frequency.

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