Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Summer Project Of Building A Moxon Antenna For 17 Meters

  I am going to start work again on my 6 meter quad project hopefully if the weather here in Rochester New York ever gets to Spring. I am however also planning on building a 17 meter Moxon Antenna. I chose 17 meters for two reasons. First I like it, because when it is open I am hearing stations from over in Europe. They tend to be from Ireland, Italy and other countries in Europe. The second reason is because I do not have a large space to put it in and 20 meters may not give me enough room to turn it. I do not want it hanging over in the neighbors yard. 

Moxon Antenne 20m
A Moxon-Antenna for the 20 m Ham-Radio Band. Made from four fishing-poles, wire and small ropeBy Dl1oli .  This is an example but has the similar X pattern.
 I plan on using 4 crappie fiberglass fishing poles. They will be attached to a thick 11 x14 cutting board that is made out of polypropylene, which seems very durable. I may use some light weight aluminum angle metal for extra strength if needed. I will drill a center hole for the mast to slip through. Then I will attach some aluminum angle on either side with U-bolts to attach to the mast. This way I can turn it with my light weight rotor. 
  It will basically be in a large X pattern. The program I am using to design the antenna in the Moxon Rectangle Generator. It can be found at this website I am thinking of ways to attach the wire to the rectangle. I have seen some people use black UV tie-wraps to hold the wire. One idea is to place a pvc pipe cap on the ends of the fiberglass poles, drill a hole through the cap and feed the wire through. Maybe some duct tape at the joints with a tie-wrap to keep it from closing.
Moxon antenna. Feed on the left, reflector on the right, main radiation direction to the left. Isolators in blueBy Dantor
  I will most likely use a ugly balun so that I transmit the same current to each of the dipole ends. I do see some people that did not use a balun and others used a balun. I am going to try it and see how it goes. I do have all the various parts on hand to build this 17 meter Moxon Antenna. So now I just have to wait for the weather here in Rochester New York to warm up so I can get my 6 meter quad going as well. I plan on putting up some pictures as I progress through the building of the antenna.

Well that's all for now Thank You for reading 73s from Dan KC2YTI .

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