Saturday, April 9, 2016

Summer Is Almost Here And It's Time To Homebrew That Ham Antenna

 The weather is getting better and summer is almost here. Yes it is time to start homebrewing some kind of a ham antenna. It does not matter whether it is a moxon, quad or dipole antenna. The one main tool you should have is a good swr analyzer. You will find that it is an invaluable tool for your ham shack. During the building process it will come in quite handy.
 Mfj and Rig Xpert are probably two of the most popular swr analyzers out there. You can buy new with Amazon or Used with Ebay. Of course  you can also find new items at Ebay as well. My best advise is to check out for reviews on all swr analyzer and check out the seller for good or bad reviews. This way you will get the best deal and not a boat anchor.
 RF Explorer Network Analyzer Advanced: VSWR measurement by RFExplorer

                             VK5JST Antenna Analyser tour by dx2hunt

   There are plenty of other excellent videos out there that are newer and may give a better look at newer swr analyzers. You can also use the Amazon search below or the Ebay search at the side of the posts.

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