Saturday, September 28, 2013

Working on the 6 meter cubical quad antenna.

  Started work on building the 6 meter cubical quad antenna. Cut about 8 pieces of the grey 3/4 inch pvc tubing into 18 inch lengths. Then I put a 3/4 inch pvc cap on one end of the tube. Cut a 3/4 inch piece of poplar dowel rod into the tube and drilled a 5/16 hole in the end and 6 inches into the dowel rod. I will then place the 4 foot fiberglass driveway marker into it. These will be placed into a 5 way pvc fitting. These will make up the spreaders for the reflector and the director. I will then place each of these crosses on the grey pvc boom. I am going to place a piece of metal conduit inside the boom for extra strength. If this causes any problems with the antenna, then I will replace the metal conduit with a piece of 3/4 inch dowel rod. Still deciding on the type of matching I will use. I am going to use two stainless steel adjustable clamps and some tuning to string the antenna wire around the crosses.
  Thanks for reading and 73s from KC2YTI.

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