Saturday, November 12, 2016

Get Your Christmas List Ready For Santa The Holidays Are Almost Here

 Okay once again the Holidays are almost here, so now is the time to get your Christmas Lists Ready For Santa. Yes we all want to add all kinds of cool things to our Ham Shacks. Maybe your thinking of a Awesome Heil Microphone or Maybe an Awesome Ham Radio. The list can just go on and on. Sometimes I just want to get those items for home brewing some cool Ham Antenna. If you are looking in that direction check out my website at this link .
 I like to look around on ebay and amazon so I can check out all the cool stuff. It can be new or used Cool Ham Radio Equipment. Sometimes it can make it a little difficult to choose, but that's the fun of it. Plus it's getting colder outside, so putting up an antenna to test goes on hold. I like to take the time now to start planning on some kind of antenna project to have fun with. Hey maybe you might try putting a rotatable dipole antenna in your attic, that way you don't have to be outside freezing your hands and other items off. Believe me I have done that before and it was no fun. In fact I remember years ago putting up a half wave vertical antenna on a push up mast wall mounted to the side of my mothers house. It was cold, snowing and I was on the edge of the roof. Yes I was younger and stupid.
 So check out the ads below for some cool ham radio equipment to put on your Christmas List For Santa This Year.

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